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Gender Pay Gap Report

Pritex Ltd – Gender Pay Gap report 2018

What is gender pay gap reporting?

Any UK organisation employing 250 or more employees has to publicly report on its gender pay gap in six different ways: the mean and median gender pay gaps; the mean and median gender bonus gaps; the proportion of men and women who received bonuses, and the number of men and women according to quartile pay bands.

The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average earnings between all men and women in an organisation.

The mean gender pay gap is the difference between the mean hourly rate of pay of male full-pay relevant employees and that of female full-pay relevant employees.

 The median gender pay gap is the difference between the median hourly rate of pay of male full-pay relevant employees and that of female full-pay relevant employees.

Gender pay gap reporting does not mean that organisations have to report on equal pay. Equal pay is about differences in the actual earnings of men and women doing equal work. Pritex Ltd is an equal pay employer.

Pritex currently has under 250 employees but has decided to publish the results this year.

Our gender pay gap data

We collected our data on 5 April 2018 when we had a total of 242 total employees, of which the business consisted of 76 women and 157 men (full pay relevant employees). The figures show that Pritex Ltd has a mean gender pay gap of 16.9% (17.4% last year) and a median gender pay gap of 0.0% (females and males were paid the same).

In common with many manufacturing Industries, our organisation is predominantly male. Given that 68% of our workforce is male, it is also the case that men outnumber women at senior management levels within the business, including Directors (who are all male).

The results show that 42% of total women are in the upper middle and upper pay quartiles and 67% of women in the lower and lower middle quartiles, which compares favourably to the percentage of males.

For men these percentages are 57% in the lower and lower middle quartile and 43% of men in the upper middle and upper pay quartiles.

The higher number of 82 males in the upper middle and upper quartiles, in higher paid senior roles within the business, compared to the 35 females in the same quartiles, has an impact on our gender pay gap.


Women’s earnings are:

Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay 16.9% lower

Median gender pay gap in hourly pay 0.00% 

Difference in mean bonus payments 71.60% lower

Difference in median bonus payments 0% 

Proportion of men and women receiving a bonus payment:

 Men 92.50% were paid a bonus

 Women 92.70% were paid a bonus

Proportion of men and women in each pay quartile (%)

Lower quartile: Men 57.6%  Women 42.4%

Lower middle: Men 82.8%  Women 17.2%

Upper middle: Men 50%  Women 50%

Upper: Men 79.3%  Women 20.7%


Action to reduce gender pay gap

We will continue to encourage Women to join our organisation through an inclusive culture and gender neutral practices in our recruitment process.

We will continue to provide training and development opportunities for all employees.

We support flexible working where it is appropriate to do so.

Pritex Ltd is committed to providing equal pay for equal work, not just because this is a legal requirement but because it is the right thing to do. We conduct regular analyses that show male and female employees are paid equally for equivalent work. Our pay policies and practices are designed to control potential biases and to ensure equal pay for equivalent jobs, regardless of gender.

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